Working Around Coronavirus

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Is it just me or does it feel like we lost a couple of years of our lives? Oddly, I know I went through it but, I barely lived it. Speaking of the pandemic now just seems like a pastime, but what I do remember is the feeling. Feeling of fear, FOMO, and the feeling of time slowing down. During the pandemic, it seemed like our days dragged out so long and in a blink, it’s 2022. Where did it all go? Almost like a bad dream lasting way longer than it should…

Let’s travel back a couple of years…

— —

In 2019, it was all blurry. I was so busy working at the hospital and we were all learning to don on and off gowns or bodysuits, gloves, shoe covers, head covers, N95s, paper masks, or surgical masks on top of other masks, and sometimes hazmat suits, you name it, we tried everything. We didn’t know how bad Corona was until it was too late. I just remember every day, the cases climbed and climbed, and it felt like it was never-ending. There weren’t vaccines either and we did not know what we were working with and hearing all of “if the virus was real or not…”, made it worse. The truth is, whatever it was, it was very real.

One thing I do remember is the number of odd deaths. I guess I was in denial in 2019. One death included my coworker/friend. At the time, it was marked as death by an asthma attack, but this was before COVID was confirmed. The rest of 2019 consisted of working overtime and extra hours to take care of those in the intensive care unit (ICU), and lots of ventilators.

This blog was originally posted in May of 2020:

It has been a crazy 2020, am I right? I’ve been so busy with work along with tackling this pandemic like everyone else. Thankfully nothing crazy has happened to me but, if I’m being completely honest, I am not surprised if I’ve caught COVID-19 a number of times or at least once. For those who know me, I am a National Certified Medical Assistant and I also worked as a surgical technician with Gastroenterologists during this time. I have encountered some positives, recovered positives, and maybe even false negatives. It’s hard to say since this virus is spreading like wildfire and every individual has different to no symptoms. I’ve had my fair share of slump days; feeling pretty bad and sick. It’s been about 50 days into the quarantine and I’m beginning to really feel under the weather. I haven’t had any of the “normal” symptoms listed but, like the unknown virus, unknown or new symptoms appear everyday…

Anyways, for the past few months, I’ve been kind of silent or just moving forward the best I can. Nothing else to do but, work. Needless to say, since I work at a hospital, it’s kind of all hands on deck and I did not have a choice. I felt like I was invincible at first, working every day, felt pretty good, and super blessed I have work. But then the days started to get hazy and I was on autopilot, with barely time for breaks, and I began to feel burnt out. A few days ago; around 5/12/2020, I began to feel weak. I wanted to sleep more even though I had my normal hours of sleep. This to me was the first sign things did not seem normal, but I still trucked through the day. I went to work and tried to let my positive attitude rule my day. That didn’t last long. I started to get symptoms ranging from pounding headaches, and malaise, to unexplained muscle soreness and GI problems; loss of appetite, going to the commode a number of times…etc. This was going on for the next 3 days in a row. I tried to go to work but was sent home each time until finally, I decided to go see an Internal Medicine M.D.

As I explained to the physician all the symptoms I’ve experienced, numbers of tests were to be done on me and I was advised to stay home until all the test results prevail and until I have had my follow-up. Give or take a week…This is more serious than I thought. I got blood work done, they had to test my urine, and they gave me a stool kit…I don’t want to explain, and of course, I got tested for COVID-19. And now I wait.

Regardless of the anticipating adventure of waiting with me on this journey, I want to shine some light on all of this.

I have to say, this pandemic was a blessing in disguise. Like it or not, and I’ll speak for myself, I’ve learned a lot about true colors. No offense to the blind but, now is the time to really SEE! I’ve noticed for myself the true colors of the people that surround me. I’ll see some people become the “every man for themselves”-type persona, hypochondriacs, the germaphobe, etc., and the good people. Ever notice there are actually so many good people here in this cruel world? I tend to forget. And then there is me. I noticed that I’ve been through so many hardships and it would be easier to pity myself for it all. But instead, what this pandemic has done for me is open my eyes. Despite my adversities, I still have room for improvement…to not make the same mistake, not take things for granted, and have a positive perspective.

Lastly, a message to take from this blog: The year 2020 has to have been one of the worst years I have encountered…That we have encountered. We know that this virus is dangerous and that there is still so much to learn. But like any lesson, there is something to be learned. When there is a problem, there is always a solution. Humankind has gone through many adversities and still prevailed. Call this a test or whatever you’d like to call it but, just know in the end, everything will be okay. We are living in the 21st century, where we have everything we need. COVID-19 is only scary now but, this is also temporary and we will find a solution. This isn’t a war we can’t fight.

— —

Hello! Back to reality: 4/21/2022

I’m trying to remember what happened after this. 2021 just came and gone. All I remember from 2020 leading into 2021 is the talk about vaccines.

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Oh! I started a relationship in 2019 and in between 2019 to now there was so much my S/O and I went through. That’s another topic (about relationships during the pandemic) for another day.

I am lucky to announce all the Gods were on my side because I have not caught COVID. I am vaccinated and got my booster. I’m here today feeling better than ever, doing better than ever, and as I mentioned, I did not stop. I no longer work at the hospital and I continue my journey to success.

I’m going to end this blog with a message from 2020 me (because it still applies as a kind reminder):

So, to those just sitting at home and doing nothing or feeling like they have nothing to do, take this opportunity to rise. Now is the time to start doing the things you’ve been wanting to do. Start looking on the positive side of things, this is just any other hiccup on the road. Pick up that pen and change your story. It’s a good time to be a better you.

Till the next blog!

Thanks for reading!



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